On the Down Side of the Season

Football and Volleyball teams are headed toward the end of the regular season so as the playoffs will begin. Over the last few weeks, schools have had there Homecoming queens and senior nights which has brought happiness even with some of the teams that season is not going the way they wanted. Sports are like life, it just does not turn out the way you would like. This week Beauaguard will have homecoming, last week Opelika, and the week before was Auburn High & Lee-Scott. Congratulations to all that were in the homecoming court.

    2019-09-27 Lee-Scott vs PIke
2019-10-11 Opelika 41 Calera 0











One thing I noticed on the sideline of Opelika is the turnover metal. This is something else to help the teams to rally the members of defense to drive them to succeed.


2019-10-11 Opelika 41 Calera 0


Congratulations to James Dawson on his commitment to Kennesaw State. James as a lineman made a touchdown in the Opelika Calera game.

2019-10-11 Opelika 41 Calera 0

Just a camera note for those that like photography, try a shutter speed 1000 but not lower than 800. This will help to stop motion. Also, keep your f-stop at 2.8 or as low as your camera will allow and ISO 6400 or below. Sometimes in High School fields, you will have to let your ISO go higher and if you do, us your editing tool to work with your noise in the pictures. The first thing I learned was to stay about 20 yards in from of a line of scrimmage shooting with a 70-200. Try it to see how it works for you and develop your own style.

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