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Round one of AHSAA Football Playoffs

Friday night brought the end to the first week of the AHSAA Football Playoffs. Here are the results and 2nd round match up for the local teams in this area. Thanks for all that braved the cool weather to support the kids.

2019 AHSAA State Football Playoffs

Second-Round Pairings
All games Friday, Nov. 15, at 7 p.m.

Notasulga (6-4) at Brantley (10-1)
Elba (8-3) at Lanett (10-0)

LaFayette (6-4) at Ariton (9-2)
Reeltown (10-1) at J.U. Blacksher (9-2), Uriah

Ramsay (9-2) at Valley (7-4)

St. Paul’s Episcopal; (8-3) at Opelika (9-1)

Prattville at Central-Phenix City (10-1)
Auburn (8-3) at McGill-Toolen Catholic (11-0), Mobile, Lipscomb Stadium

First-Round Results

Notasulga (6-4) 7, Linden (5-5) 6
Lanett (10-0) 55, Keith (6-5) 0

LaFayette (6-4) 27, New Brockton (5-6) 7
Reeltown (10-1) 56, Zion Chapel (6-5) 0

Valley (7-4) 21, Vigor (4-7) 6

Opelika (9-1) 48, McAdory (6-5) 20

Central-Phenix City (10-1) 45, Fairhope (6-5) 7
Auburn (8-3) 33, Murphy (6-5) 0

Wow – Where did Football Season Go?

It’s Playoff time starting this weekend. Here is a list of local teams for this week.

Class 7A – Central-Phenix City vs Fairhope

Class 7A – Auburn vs Murphy

Class 6A – Opelika vs McAdory

Class 5A – Valley vs Vigor

Class 2A – Reeltown vs Zion Chapel

Class 2A – LaFayette vs New Brockton

Class 1A – Notasulga vs Linden

Class 1A – Lanett vs Keith

All of the local teams will be the home team so please go out and support our youth.


Also, Opelika girls basketball will be tipping off the season this Friday night. Good luck girls!

On the Down Side of the Season

Football and Volleyball teams are headed toward the end of the regular season so as the playoffs will begin. Over the last few weeks, schools have had there Homecoming queens and senior nights which has brought happiness even with some of the teams that season is not going the way they wanted. Sports are like life, it just does not turn out the way you would like. This week Beauaguard will have homecoming, last week Opelika, and the week before was Auburn High & Lee-Scott. Congratulations to all that were in the homecoming court.

    2019-09-27 Lee-Scott vs PIke

2019-10-11 Opelika 41 Calera 0











One thing I noticed on the sideline of Opelika is the turnover metal. This is something else to help the teams to rally the members of defense to drive them to succeed.


2019-10-11 Opelika 41 Calera 0


Congratulations to James Dawson on his commitment to Kennesaw State. James as a lineman made a touchdown in the Opelika Calera game.

2019-10-11 Opelika 41 Calera 0

Just a camera note for those that like photography, try a shutter speed 1000 but not lower than 800. This will help to stop motion. Also, keep your f-stop at 2.8 or as low as your camera will allow and ISO 6400 or below. Sometimes in High School fields, you will have to let your ISO go higher and if you do, us your editing tool to work with your noise in the pictures. The first thing I learned was to stay about 20 yards in from of a line of scrimmage shooting with a 70-200. Try it to see how it works for you and develop your own style.

Start of Football Season in Alabama

This week has been a busy week as football season started. The week started out with a trip to the AHSAA building in Montgomery with the introduction of new rules this year. Also during the meeting Coach, Don Moorer and his staff were recognized for saving the life of one of the players at Clay County. His staff had instructions and practiced the drill and was prepared with an automated external defibrillator (AED) nearby to save this player’s life.

Once again, the Super 7 will be at Auburn University this year along with the AHSAA swimming & diving meet. Ron Anders, Mayor of Auburn was at the media day to make the announcement.

On Thursday, Opelika vs Callaway played in Opelika Bulldog Stadium. It was the first time to see the 40 second & 25 second clockwork. Opelika’s defense did a great job holding off Callaway of GA. The final score was 10-7. Opelika host Auburn High School this week in Bulldog Stadium.

On Friday night at Beauregard High School, Beauregard played Ben Russell. Ben Russell took this one after 3 lighting delays by the score of 31-0. Beauregard is on the road this week

Saturday morning, 7th & 8th Graders from Opelika, Auburn, & Ben Russell played a jamboree at Bulldog Stadium. Showing lots of good players coming up the ladder.

Don’t forget the other Fall sports, Swimming, Wrestling, Volley Ball, and Cross County. More info on this sports as the season progresses.

OHS Bulldogs Last Day of Summer Practice Celebration

Got a chance to go by the see the last drill of the summer practice at Bulldog Stadium on Tuesday 7/30/19. Started out running up the visitor stands and around the field up to the home side stands and on to the field. Different drill on each 5-yard line and a big finish at the end zone with water cooling the players off and Gatorade to drink. Then the fun of a water slip side across the field than the coaches provided watermelon to eat. What impressed me the most was as some of the players were having trouble finishing, team members went to a player and encouraged the player to finish. They were all working as a team for everyone to finish. Here is a sample of the celebration once the last player finished. #LTM2019


Teammates helping teammates

2019-07-30 OHS Bulldogs Last Day of Summer Practice

Little Things Matter #LTM2019

The theme for the Opelika High School Bulldogs this year is “Little Things Matter”. or #LTM2019. If you see this around you will know what it is about. Coaches believe that if you take care of the little things, like keeping your locker clean or even picking up trash you see. This will build the groundwork for the big things.



2019-07-24 Score Board OHS

August is National Shooting Sports Month

Wow – What happen to June – It’s July Now!

Summer seems like it had just started, spring games played, Coaches changing jobs, & Dixie Youth baseball. At the end of this month, football teams will be getting ready for a new year.

Now is a good time when things are a little slow and remember our country. Yes, the USA is not perfect but it is the best in the world but it has come with a great price of lives that have found to make this country and keep this country free. God bless America!

2019-07-04 Fireworks

End of School Year is coming soon

Just a few more weeks and most schools will be out for the summer. As the school year comes to the end, Schoolships and end of year events begin. Today, OHS Senior Quala Walton signed a basketball scholarship to Chattanooga State Community College. Congratulations Quala!

Congratulations to Coach Butler and the Girls Soccer Team. They are headed into the third round of playoffs after defeating Wetumpka 7-0 last Friday Night and Defeating Benjamin Russell 2-1. They will play later this week. Good Luck!!

This afternoon was the first day of Spring football practice. The spring game will be Friday, May 17 at 6:30. Opelika will be playing Valley.

Opelika High School Graduation is Friday, May 24th at 7 pm.

2019-04-30 1st Day of Spring Practice

WOW – where has the season gone!

I have not had a chance to make all the Softball, Baseball, & Soccer games this year. I went to the Senior recognition night before Opelika played Auburn yesterday. It hit me that the season is almost over and the Football spring game will be next month. Spring is always the busiest time for High School Sports to me because teams may play several games in one week. Oh, by the way, OHS will have a track meet in Opelika on April 20th.

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