Start of Football Season in Alabama

This week has been a busy week as football season started. The week started out with a trip to the AHSAA building in Montgomery with the introduction of new rules this year. Also during the meeting Coach, Don Moorer and his staff were recognized for saving the life of one of the players at Clay County. His staff had instructions and practiced the drill and was prepared with an automated external defibrillator (AED) nearby to save this player’s life.

Once again, the Super 7 will be at Auburn University this year along with the AHSAA swimming & diving meet. Ron Anders, Mayor of Auburn was at the media day to make the announcement.

On Thursday, Opelika vs Callaway played in Opelika Bulldog Stadium. It was the first time to see the 40 second & 25 second clockwork. Opelika’s defense did a great job holding off Callaway of GA. The final score was 10-7. Opelika host Auburn High School this week in Bulldog Stadium.

On Friday night at Beauregard High School, Beauregard played Ben Russell. Ben Russell took this one after 3 lighting delays by the score of 31-0. Beauregard is on the road this week

Saturday morning, 7th & 8th Graders from Opelika, Auburn, & Ben Russell played a jamboree at Bulldog Stadium. Showing lots of good players coming up the ladder.

Don’t forget the other Fall sports, Swimming, Wrestling, Volley Ball, and Cross County. More info on this sports as the season progresses.

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